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Two CR1000X data logger programs that read the CS325DM measurements. An example program is included for each output... learn more

CH201 Example Programs 2 (3 KB) 01-11-2022

Two CR1000X data logger programs that monitor the CH201. One example program uses RS-232, and the other example... learn more

VwProjects 1.2 (11.0 MB) 11-23-2021

VwProjects is a free software download. The software allows a PC to create files called a project file... learn more

The operating system file (.obj extension) can be downloaded and saved to a VWA with the USB cable.... learn more

EasyFlux DL for CR6CP 1.04 (121 KB) 11-22-2021

CR6 datalogger program for Campbell closed-path eddy-covariance systems. learn more

LevelVUE B10 OS 2.1 (467 KB) 11-03-2021

Current LevelVUE B10 Operating System. The Device Configuration Utility is used to send this Operating System to the... learn more

Two programs that read the SnowVUE 10 sensor. One program performs temperature compensation to provide snow depth. The... learn more

MeteoPV OS 2.04 (1.36 MB) 10-27-2021

Current MeteoPV Operating System. learn more

GRANITE-series, CR6, CR1000X, or CR300-series data logger program for the TX326 and TX325 that sets up self-timed and... learn more

HMP155A Example Programs (4 KB) 10-15-2021

Description: Example CR1000X programs that measure either the analog voltage or RS-485 output of the HMP155A. The analog... learn more