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TGA Windows 2.2 (5.81 MB) 02-02-2018

TGA Windows software for use with the TGA100A / 200 system. learn more

ALERT Configuration Tool 1.1 (47.7 MB) 06-30-2016

A software utility used to configure the ALERT210.  learn more

CPI Calculator 1.0 (2.49 MB) 07-06-2016

The CPI Calculator is a downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet used to estimate the usage and capacity of a... learn more

CSAT3 (567 KB) 03-24-1998

PC support software for monitoring and configuring the CSAT3. learn more

CSAT3 Binary to ASCII (33 KB) 02-15-2013

Program that converts a CSAT3 binary data set into ASCII format. Only compatible with data collected using the... learn more

Program that converts a CSAT3 binary data set into ASCII format. Only compatible with data collected using the... learn more

Example Visual Basic program for collecting binary CSAT3 data using a PC and RS-232 communications. learn more

DVW Tool Box 1.3 (13.4 MB) 11-04-2019

DVW Tool Box is an application-specific software tool for demonstration and evaluation of the CDM-VW300, CDM-VW305 and VWire... learn more

EasyFlux PC 1.0 (55.8 MB) 10-04-2017

EasyFlux® PC is a computer program that processes high frequency time series data, collected using a Campbell Scientific... learn more

ECMon 1.6 (10.7 MB) 03-29-2016

EC100-Series Support Software. learn more

HydroSci 1.2.1 (41.7 MB) 10-09-2017

HydroSci is used to configure and extract data from the CRS45X Recording Submersible Pressure Transducer and the OBS-3A... learn more

HydroSoft 1.0.8 (5.16 MB) 07-26-2012

Current version of the HydroSense II Support Software. learn more

OBS-5+ Utility 5.50 (11.3 MB) 04-23-2010

Utility for the OBS-5+ sensor. learn more

PC-TDR 3.0 (7.34 MB) 12-15-2016

Support software designed for the TDR200 and is also compatible with the retired TDR100 Time-Domain Reflectometer. learn more

Power Budget Spreadsheet 1.03 (1.00 MB) 03-12-2019

This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet used to estimate a power budget for Campbell Scientific systems. Power Budget Spreadsheet... learn more

Designed to complement the PWS100 the Present Weather Viewer provides a simple yet comprehensive interface showcasing many of... learn more

SDM-CAN Helper 1.1 (59.5 MB) 09-29-2016

Add-on package for RTDAQ. Assists users of the SDM-CAN device.See the SDM-CAN Helper Overview for more information about this... learn more

SMS 4.10 (6.73 MB) 08-06-2007

SMS (Storage Module Software) is a utility used to configure and retrieve data from Campbell Scientific storage modules. ... learn more

TGA TEC 1.1 (10.6 MB) 12-02-2015

The TGA TEC Support Software is used to support the TGA200A or prior TGA models that have been... learn more

VwProjects 1.2 (11.0 MB) 11-23-2021

VwProjects is a free software download. The software allows a PC to create files called a project file... learn more

Wireless Sensor Planner 1.7 (30.5 MB) 08-08-2013

The Wireless Sensor Planner is a tool for use with Campbell Scientific wireless sensors.  It assists in designing... learn more

A software utility used to download operating systems and set up Campbell Scientific hardware. Also will update PakBus... learn more

Spreadsheet for calculating epoxy fill needed for road sensor installation learn more

LoggerTalk 2.0 (1.2 MB) 05-12-2006

Voice modem (COM310, COM300 and VS1) voice string editor used with the following dataloggers: CR10(X), CR510 and CR23X. learn more

PC295 (1.91 MB) 12-16-2010

CD295 program generator. learn more

Sat Commander 11.3.8 (3.78 MB) 03-08-2011

TX312 Support Software. learn more

SAT HDR GOES 3.2.4 (505 KB) 02-01-2005

HDR GOES Support software and Operating System. SAT HDR GOES update for 2004 leap year and reset issues.... learn more

TGA100A 1.20 (2.33 MB) 10-19-2007

TGA100A user interface software. learn more