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This product has limited availability. It will be replaced by: A151. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available when it is no longer available.
A150-L Single Sensor Terminal Case, Vented with Desiccant


The A150 desiccated case is a small, self-contained junction box that allows a sensor to be connected to a continuation cable, a prewired-enclosure connector, or a CWS900 wireless-sensor connector.

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Benefits and Features

  • Enables our CS450 and CS455 pressure transducers or other sensors that have a vented cable to be used in a wireless sensor network


Detailed Description

The A150 consists of a terminal block mounted inside of junction box. A small vent is located on the bottom of the box. The vent includes a filter, which prevents moisture and contaminants from entering the unit while equalizing the interior air pressure to the current atmospheric pressure.

The A150 provides a mounting bracket for fastening it to an enclosure backplate. Alternatively a Velcro strap is included for mounting the A150 onto a user-supplied structure.


Temperature Range -30º to +65ºC
Internal Protection Rating IP 66 (International Standard IEC 60529)
Terminal Block Wire Gages 28 to 12 AWG
Compression Fitting Fits sensor cables with 4.6 to 7.9 mm (0.181 to 0.312 in.) diameters
Dimensions 8.0 x 8.2 x 5.5 cm (3.15 x 3.228 x 2.171 in.)



The A150 is compatible with most sensors using six wires or less. Sensors with multiple ground wires can use the included 5-position lever nut to combine the grounds into a single wire connection. The A150 is often used with pressure transducers.

Wireless Interface

The -CWS cable termination option is used to connect the A150 to a CWS900-series interface, which allows the sensor to be part of a wireless sensor network. The CWS900-series interface is compatible with sensors that measure analog voltages, frequency, and pulse. The CWS900 series can also provide excitation voltage to a sensor through the A150.

Prewired Enclosures

The -PW cable termination option allows the A150 to be attached to a prewired enclosure. Prewired enclosures combine flexibility with ease of use.


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