015ARM Pyranometer Mounting Arm


Note: The image displays the recently modified version of the 015ARM, which will be available after the limited quantity of the previous version is exhausted.

For many applications, the 015ARM Pyranometer Mounting Arm has been replaced by a CM225 Solar Sensor Mounting Stand. The 015ARM is used to attach a pyranometer or quantum sensor to a tripod. Many pyranometers and quantum sensors also require a leveling base that secures the sensor to the 015ARM and levels the sensor.


015ARM pyranometer mounting arm
015ARM pyranometer mounting arm
015ARM pyranometer mounting arm
015ARM with attached pyranometer
015ARM with attached pyranometer


Platform Area 15.2 x 15.2 cm (6.0 x 6.0 in.)
Arm Length 106.7 cm (42.0 in.)
Weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lb)



CS300 LI200S LI200X LI190SB LP02 CMP3
CMP6 CMP11 CMP21 SP Lite2 PQS1 Eppley
** ** **

*Requires the 18356 Leveling Base.
†Requires the LI2003S Leveling Base.
**Assumes the CMP6, CMP11, and CMP21 are not housed in the CVF4 Heater/Ventilation Unit.

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