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The Wintersense SDI-12 advanced digital sensor provides accurate, non-invasive surface temperature measurements by using infrared technology to sense road conditions. The Aspen™10 Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Device, coupled with the Wintersense SDI-12, enhances and complements the capabilities of your Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) to deploy suitable maintenance resources for preventing traffic accidents and potential life-threatening situations.

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Aspen 10 and CampbellCloud Integration

Combining the Wintersense SDI-12 and the Aspen 10 gives you access to streamlined data management through CampbellCloud. This integration ensures data accuracy, storage, and real-time accessibility to facilitate effective decision-making for road treatment strategies.

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CampbellGo: CampbellCloud Field Companion App

CampbellGo, a companion app to CampbellCloud, simplifies the deployment and troubleshooting of Aspen 10-enabled Wintersense SDI-12 stations. With near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth connectivity, CampbellGo allows a direct wireless connection to the Aspen 10 for immediate device status, configuration options, and access to network views while on-site.

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Wintersense SDI-12 Key Features

  • Infrared technology to measure accurate surface temperature
  • Remote, accurate, non-invasive road surface temperature data for RWIS
  • Compact and lightweight for easy mounting on existing roadside structures without additional infrastructure
  • Real-time data transmission for timely forecasting and treatment decisions
  • Seamless integration with Aspen 10 for efficient data storage, forwarding, and management through CampbellCloud

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