UTHD Optional-Height, Heavy-Duty Universal Tower

The UTHD is a durable instrument tower that can be used in a variety of monitoring applications. The UTHD is an aluminum, corrosion-resistant instrumentation tower with four tower height options and high wind load ratings at user-selectable tower heights. Data logger and power supply enclosures, solar panel(s), crossams, and other meteorological instrumentation mount to the tower legs. An optional Sun Tracker Mount provides a sturdy platform at... Learn More

AL205R ALERT2 Repeater

The AL205R is an ALERT2 repeater/transceiver that is configured to support repeating ALERT2 messages. With two radio I/O, independent receiving and transmitting radios are supported. Three serial ports allow for input and output to several devices, including an ALERT receiver, data logger, PC, and serial server. Local and remote data collection and administration are possible through the micro USB console and Ethernet ports. The USB... Learn More

AL205B ALERT2 Base

The AL205B is an ALERT2 receiver that is configured to support receiving ALERT2 messages typically used at base stations. The AL205B is configured with a radio receiver. Three serial ports allow for input and output to several devices including a data logger, PC, and serial media converters. Local and remote data collection and administration are possible through the micro USB console and Ethernet ports, with Ethernet... Learn More

AL205E ALERT2 Encoder

The AL205E is a low-power ALERT2 encoder/transmitter with one radio output port for data transmission (TX only). With its two serial ports, input from several devices is possible—including from a data logger. Connection to a data logger enables the acquisition and transmission of hydrometeorological measurements. Local administration is possible through the micro USB console. The GPS functionality provides the required time synchronization needed for TDMA... Learn More

CH201 12 V Charging Regulator

The CH201 is a microcontroller-based smart charge controller that is ideal for charging 12 Vdc VRLA batteries. The charger uses MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology to safely manage amperage and voltage for optimal battery charging and longevity. It has dual inputs for use with a solar panel and/or any 15 to 50 Vdc charging source. The dual inputs provide the option for fail-safe charging. The... Learn More

ALERT205 ALERT2 Transmitter with CR300 Datalogger, AL200 Modem, and VHF Radio

The ALERT205 is the easiest ALERT2 transmitter to use on the market, and its additional communications options and variety of form factors make it flexible to fit the needs of your application. The ALERT205 is available in canister, enclosure, and backplate form factors—offering you a variety of compatible installation methods. In addition, as the heart of any ALERT2 or flood warning installation, the reliable ALERT205 can... Learn More

CS325DM-L Silicon Irradiance Reference Sensor

The CS325DM, manufactured by Atonometrics as the RC18, is a silicon solar irradiation sensor commonly used as a “reference cell” in solar photovoltaic (PV) monitoring applications. This solar radiation sensor has a temperature operating range that allows it to work effectively in different environments. The sensor element was designed to correspond to PV modules, including spectral selectivity and incident angle modifier. The data signals are... Learn More

TX326 Satellite Transmitter for Meteosat

The TX326 is a satellite transmitter that uses the Meteosat satellite system to provide one-way communications from a data collection platform (DCP) to a receiving station. Meteosat is a system of geostationary meteorological satellites operated by EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites). Geostationary satellites have orbits that coincide with the Earth's rotation, allowing each satellite to remain above a specific region. EUMETSAT is... Learn More

SkyVUE8M Tactical LIDAR Ceilometer

The SkyVUE™8M Tactical LIDAR Ceilometer is ideal for quick tactical deployment (for permanent or temporary installation) for military or civilian applications in all climates. The ceilometer's robust construction requires minimal maintenance and enables continuous use and multiple deployments in the harshest of environments. Designed to be easily portable, the SkyVUE™8M has unique quick-deploy stabilizing legs, low weight, and a compact design with a beige finish and... Learn More

SR50A-EE-L Anodized Sonic Distance Sensor for Extreme Environments

The SR50A-EE is an anodized version of Campbell Scientific's acoustic sensor for measuring the distance from the sensor to the snow surface. The sensor has been designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions where corrosion is a concern (such as coastal regions). The SR50A-EE features an aluminum body that has been treated with a Type III, hard-anodizing process (MIL-A-8625 Type III) that delivers best-in-class corrosion... Learn More

UTBASE Base Kit for UT20/UT30

The UTBASE is designed to provide a simpler, easier installation method for 6 m and 10 m (20 ft and 30 ft) towers. The UTBASE eliminates the need for you to install bolts in part of the tower section, as you only need to install bolts in the concrete. By using the template, you can ensure that the bolt spacing is initially correct and maintained... Learn More

TS100SS Aspirated Radiation Shield

The TS100SS, manufactured by Apogee Instruments, Inc., is a fan-aspirated radiation shield that minimizes temperature-measurement errors caused by incident solar radiation. The unique aerodynamic shape and rugged, low-power fan make it the first research-grade fan-aspirated shield that is practical for use on battery- or solar-powered stations. The shield provides excellent sensor protection and accommodates various combinations of thermistors, PRTs, and humidity sensors using one of... Learn More

CSAT3BH Heated 3-D Sonic Anemometer with Integrated Electronics

The CSAT3BH is ideal for stations that are deployed in cold climates. The easy-to-use CSAT3BH sonic anemometer features smart heating that delivers just the right amount of heat to keep the instrument free of ice and snow, enabling continuous and reliable measurements in cold environments. The CSAT3BH is designed to prevent ice accumulation on the sensor, avoiding prolonged periods of data loss. The CSAT3BH features variable... Learn More

P2546D-L Three-Cup Anemometer with MEASNET Calibration (electronic version)

The P2546D, manufactured by WINDSENSOR, is a Class 1 cup anemometer commonly used in wind resource assessment and power performance applications. Each anemometer is individually calibrated compliant with IEC 61400-12-1 and is shipped with a MEASNET calibration certificate. The P2546D features permanent magnets mounted on the shaft that activate an electronic switching current. In response, this generates an output signal with a frequency that is... Learn More

RV50X Industrial 4G LTE Cellular Gateway

The RV50X is an industrial 4G LTE cellular gateway that provides serial and Ethernet connectivity to numerous cellular networks. (The RV50X automatically falls back to 3G when 4G coverage is not available.) The RV50X is capable of  4G LTE, 3G HSPA/HSPA+, and 3G TD-SCDMA (Asia Pacific model only) networking and is carrier-approved worldwide for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Rogers, Bell, Telus, and other cellular data... Learn More