Campbell Scientific is now offering five SIRCO automatic water samplers for storm water, waste water, or other water-quality applications. These samplers use external vacuum pumps to draw water through intake tubing, instead of the traditional peristaltic pumps that induce flow by squeezing flexible tubing. Advantages of the vacuum pump method include faster sampling rates, better vertical lifts, longer sampling distances, and less maintenance. Because the vacuum method disturbs the water samples less, they better represent the original water solution, especially if the solution has high concentrations of suspended solids. To prevent cross contamination, the SIRCO samplers use air pressure (up to 28 psi) to purge the tubing of excess water.

The PVS4150, PVS4120, and PVS4100 are portable, battery-operated water samplers. Designed for easy transport, the PVS4150 includes wheels, a telescoping handle, and a rugged case. The PVS4120 is the lightest sampler, weighing only 27 lb. The PVS4100 has a bigger pump that supports the fastest sampling rates, highest vertical lifts, and longest sampling distances. It also can use wider tubing (5/8-in. ID), which is better for handling large solids.

The CVS4200 and BVS4300 are stationary, AC-powered water samplers. They use the same big pump as the PVS4100 and support all of its capabilities. Both of the stationary samplers can include a refrigerator to keep the samples at the EPA-recommended temperature of 4ºC. The CVS4200 is an indoor sampler that has a corrosion-resistant steel enclosure. The BVS4300 is an outdoor sampler designed to handle extreme environments. It has a corrosion-resistant steel enclosure with a locking door and bolted-down instrument panel.

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