If you need high-accuracy water level/pressure measurements, you may be interested to know that we recently added a high-accuracy option to our CS450 Pressure Transducer. We introduced the CS450 early last year with the goal of offering a high-quality instrument and providing shorter lead times for ordering and recalibration. With hundreds of these sensors now in continuous operation throughout the world, we're happy to report that we've achieved this goal. The CS450 has demonstrated excellent quality, reliability, and measurement accuracy.

The new high-accuracy option provides an accuracy of ±0.05% full scale. Like our standard version of the CS450, measurements are temperature compensated over a 0°-to-60°C temperature range, allowing for use in many environments. The high-accuracy option also includes a calibration certificate specific to each unit. The standard version of the CS450 measures pressure with an accuracy of ±0.10% full scale.

The CS450 outputs either a SDI-12 or an RS-232 signal. All of our contemporary dataloggers as well as many retired dataloggers, are compatible. The standard CS450 has a stainless-steel case. A more rugged version of the sensor, the CS455 features a titanium case for use in corrosive environments. The CS455 features all of the same great measurement specifications of the CS450 including the high-accuracy option.

Contact our Water Resources Group at (435) 750-9691 for more information on this and other water level and flow monitoring instruments.

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