RFM18 Universal Tower Flat Roof Mounting Base


The RFM18 Universal Tower Flat Roof Mounting Base, made of regular steel, attaches a UT20 or UT30 tower to a flat surface via user-supplied anchors. It requires the UTGUY Tower Guy Kit. The mounting holes in the RFM18 were 1/2 inch diameter, but were changed to 5/8 inch diameter to fit our standard j-bolts.

Note: Campbell Scientific does not recommend using the RFM18 in marine environments unless the user paints a rubberized coating on it or takes some other preventive measure to insulate the metal from the air.

Campbell Scientific encourages the use of the UTBASE rather than the B18 or RFM18, as the UTBASE is easier and quicker to install, and it is more durable.


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