Towers / UT30
Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Ships With
(2) 7364 UV-Resistant 8 in. Cable Ties (quantity of 12)

Common Accessories

The user embeds this base in concrete. When using the B18 base, our UTGUY Tower Guy Kit is recommended.
This base mounts on flat surfaces with user supplied anchors. It requires the UTGUY Tower Guy Kit.
This kit includes a 1/8" diameter, galvanized steel cable, thimbles, U-bolts, and tightening turnbuckles for use with the UTDUK or UTEYE anchors.
This kit consists of a lightning rod, ground rod, and components to connect the datalogger enclosure and tower to the ground rod. It is required.
The UTDUK includes a drive bar [#6136] and three Duckbill guy anchors [#6135] for use in non-rocky soils. It is used with the UTGUY guy kit.
The UTEYE consists of three eyebolt guy anchors [#5443] that embed in concrete. It is used with the UTGUY guy kit.

Replacement Parts

The kit includes 12 Tefzel® 8 in. cable ties (pn 7362) that are resistant to gamma radiation, UV radiation, and chemicals.


Campbell Scientific offers basic repair services and replacement parts for towers. Contact us for a returned material authorization (RMA).