CELL2xx Operating System 2.029
Updated: 07-06-2021

  1. (minor) Added a cell update task timeout and more watchdog checking.
  2. (minor) Added a modem full reset limit to protect the modem’s flash memory.
  3. (minor) Fixed an issue that caused the CELL2XX to wake up needlessly on a status check from the logger.
  4. (minor) Fixed an issue that could cause the operating system update using the "web.obj.gz" method to fail.
  5. (minor) Updated the operating system so that the terminal sleep won’t be wokenup on PPP packets.
  6. (minor) Added error checking to AT commands. The modem now performs a module reset when memory errors are detected.
  7. (minor) Fixed an issue that could cause a corrupted backoff timer to not clear when sleeping.
  8. (minor) Updated the modem’s ability to send SMS messages using arrays which are required by the new SMSSend() datalogger instruction. Users will need to use the currently released datalogger operating system to be able to send SMS messages.