CELL2xx Operating System 2.024
Updated: 03-09-2020

  1. (NOTE) Customers will not be able to update this operating system over the air (OTA) due to a bug in 02.015. Uploading the operating system while directly connected to the CELL2XX modem is required for this update. For maximum performance, users should consider updating their datalogger operating system to version 10.01 (CR6) or 04.01 (CR1000X) or 10.00 (CR300) due to improvements in the operating system for setting and controlling PPP communication between the datalogger and the modem when the modem is used in PPP mode.
  2. (New Feature) Added Tower ID to user interface.
  3. (New Feature) Added Tower ID to network information.
  4. (New Feature) Added "SHOW UPD RES" terminal command to show last OS update diagnostics.
  5. (Major) Fixed an issue the could cause the CELL2XX to timeout a valid connection to a data logger that does not send the PPP frame flag 0x7E properly. CELL2XX modems that are connected to a CR800, CR850, CR3000, or CR1000 data logger when the CELL2XX modem is used in PPP mode is affected by this issue.
  6. (Major) Fixed an issue that could cause the modem to not recover when in Serial Server or Serial Client mode.
  7. (Minor) Updated SMS send queue processing.
  8. (Minor) Fixed an issue that could cause a watchdog in the modem when releasing memory.
  9. (Minor) Fixed an issue that caused the wait timer to not reset correctly. This could cause a delay in modem startup of up to 90 seconds.
  10. (Minor) Added OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) checking in the CELL205 module. The module now deactivates the OMA auto-reporting function of the CELL205 module to the cellular provider. Prior to this change, modules on AT&T or T-Mobile networks were using extra cellular data that could not be accounted for by normal data logger operations.
  11. (Minor) Added a timeout that helps prevent the cell task from not being able to exit the "PPP Closing" state.