CELL2xx Operating System 2.008
Updated: 08-12-2019

  1. (Major) Fixed an issue that caused PPP start packets to be sent to the network accidently, and the IP configuration to be reset by the data logger. This could occur when the module was used in PPP mode.
  2. (Major) Improved the network registration process by adding a configuration reset when the cell module fails to register with the network.
  3. (New feature) Added modem factory default reset command.
  4. (Minor) Updated the terminal mode timeout.
  5. (Minor) Fixed an issue that could cause the module file system to reset and the configuration pages to be lost.
  6. (Minor) Updated the modem startup to clear unused PDP configurations.
  7. (Minor) Fixed formatting issues with modem pass through terminal.
  8. (Minor) Fixed an issue when using multiple trusted IP hosts that caused all IP communications to be blocked.