Increase of Memory for CR200-Series

We are replacing the 1-megabit flash chip in our CR200-series dataloggers with a 4-megabit flash chip. This change increases the final storage memory from 128 to 512 kilobytes. The data format of the CR200-series is 4 bytes per data point, resulting in 128,000 data values available. Dataloggers with the 4-megabit flash chip have “512K” on their labels.

LoggerNet 3.4

This summer Campbell Scientific will be releasing LoggerNet 3.4. The main focus of this release is to improve LoggerNet and LoggerNet Admin performance on Windows Vista.

Users of any version of LoggerNet 3.X can download a LoggerNet 3.4 patch from the downloads page on our Web site (

SR50A: Updated Sonic Sensor

The SR50A Sonic Ranging Sensor is the smaller, better-performing upgrade of the SR50. The SR50A is made of stainless steel instead of the aluminum of the SR50. Stainless steel provides a totally conductive outer body that creates an EMF shield, resulting in more stable measurements over time. The echo processing algorithm has been improved and the size is greatly reduced.

CompactFlash Cards

We have lowered the prices of our current 64-megabyte, 256-megabyte, and 1-gigabyte CompactFlash cards, and have introduced a 2-gigabyte card. These cards are manufactured by Silicon Systems, which has passed Campbell's ESD testing.

Improved ESD Protection

Campbell Scientific has replaced the AM16/32 multiplexer with the AM16/32A and redesigned the MD485 Multidrop Modem. The addition of a ground lug and gas tubes to these products provides better surge and electrostatic- discharge (ESD) protection. These improvements allow both products to pass IEC61000-4-2 test Level 4 for both contact and air discharge, as well as IEC61000-4-5 test Level 3 for surge immunity.

CD295 Display Supports PakBus® Dataloggers

With the release of Version 2 of its operating system and software, the CD295 DataView II Display (a twoline, 32-character LCD) now supports all PakBus® dataloggers, as well as their new data types (long integers, Booleans, strings, and time stamps). This adds the CR1000, CR800, CR850, and CR3000 dataloggers to the already-supported CR200 series. To use the new capabilities, upgrade to Version 2 or higher of the CD295 OS and PC295 software.

CM110 Series Tripods Redesigned

The CM110, CM115, and CM120 tripods are now made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The change from the previously used aluminum to stainless steel provides better grounding. The redesigned tripods also feature a shortened fold-up length of 5 feet, reducing shipping costs. Other features of these tripods remain unchanged:

  • Minimal time and tools required for installation
  • Tilt-down mast
  • Adjustable mast height
  • Individually adjustable tripod legs with locking pins

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