By Paul Campbell

Campbell Scientific serves a broad diversity of markets with a variety of products. Our datalogger products are known not only for their reliability, but also for their flexibility. They are designed for use with different sensors in markets ranging from monitoring machine performance to logging temperature and rainfall. Operation over a wide temperature range while consuming very little power makes them ideal for remote weather monitoring. For over 25 years and counting, automatic weather stations built around a Campbell Scientific datalogger have been a centerpiece of our business. The ET107 continues this fine product tradition for customers looking for a preconfigured automatic weather station.

The market for automatic weather stations roughly falls into three categories. The low-end range starts with hobbyists and homeowners, but also includes significant numbers of schools and businesses that might include a display of time and a few weather parameters in their signage. A priority is low cost, and there is limited product flexibility. Campbell Scientific addresses this market through the WeatherHawk division. (See more at

The middle range includes agriculture and agricultural research, climate records and research, and irrigation for golf courses and parks. Measurements are of high quality, suitable for most research and public broadcast purposes, and they include at least air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, and solar radiation. Systems are designed for optimized value with high-quality sensors and measurement electronics at a reasonable price. The ET107 falls into this category.

The high-end range of products includes automatic weather stations for alpine and polar conditions, fire weather, airports, and road weather—applications where there are special considerations for deployment and operation. The cost of sensors for these stations may increase significantly in order to increase the likelihood of valid measurements during extreme storm events.

Preconfigured weather stations such as the RAWS for fire weather have specialized cabling and deployment provisions. Many other high-range automatic weather stations are customized with appropriate sensors to the application or to a particular site. The flexibility of Campbell Scientific dataloggers is a great benefit when putting together such stations. Campbell Scientific’s application engineers often work with customers to configure specialized weather stations that meet the most demanding requirements on the planet. Automatic weather stations used for the U.S. Climate Reference Network are such specialized, highly configured stations.

Our approach to building automatic weather stations has been to use the best value sensors from independent manufacturers, and integrate the system around a suitable Campbell Scientific datalogger. This approach gives you the following benefits:

  • High-quality measurements
  • Consistent gateway to a variety of data telemetry means
  • Long product life
  • Excellent technical support
  • Value for your investment

If you have a need to monitor the weather, Campbell Scientific probably has a solution. Feel free to visit us at or contact us by email or phone for detailed information about an automatic weather station that suits you.

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