CM300 Mounting Pole

The CM300 series is a stainless-steel, 1.5 inch IPS vertical pole for mounting sensors, enclosures, or other instruments. Standard pole lengths are 23, 47, and 56 inches. The basic structure consists of a stainless-steel pole and an optional base configuration.

The mounting poles can be placed directly into a concrete foundation (no base option), attached to a concrete foundation with j-bolts (j-bolt option), or self-supported with legs (short- or long-leg options).

CM240 Leveling Base

The CM240 is a new leveling base for our TB4, 385, and CS700 rain gages, and clamps directly to the CM300-series pole or a usersupplied, 1.5-inch IPS (1.9-inch outside diameter, unthreaded) pipe.


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