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The 27333 allows customers to send their EC155 or CPEC200 to Campbell Scientific and have Campbell Scientific perform a zero and span; an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) is required. The zero and span should be done when ambient conditions change significantly (i.e., seasonally).

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Detailed Description

With time, the EC155 and CPEC200 gas analyzers can experience some drift in signal offset and gain, especially under varying environmental conditions. Thus, a zero and span procedure (i.e., a simple two-point calibration) should periodically be performed on the analyzer.

The zero and span is usually performed in the order of several weeks or months. Anytime there is a significant change in ambient conditions (e.g., change in seasons) or when the instrument appears to have drifted, a zero and span should be done.


This service is available for the EC155 and CPEC200.

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