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PD625 TGA Low Flow Sample Dryer


The PD625 is an air sample dryer designed for lower flow rates than the PD200T but higher flow rates than the PD1T and PD1T-1.5. The PD625 is appropriate for lower-flow applications, and it is often used in a two-dryer configuration. The dryer contains an inlet filter and a 50-tube, 24 in. Nafion® dryer element that has a drying capacity of one-eighth that of the PD200T.



Sample Inlet 0.635 cm (0.25 in.) Swagelok
Sample Outlet 0.635 cm (0.25 in.) Swagelok
Purge Outlet 0.9525 cm (0.375 in.) Swagelok
Pressure Drop 10 mbar per liter per min (at standard temperature and pressure)
Flow Rate 2 L per min (for -15°C dew point)
Sample Volume 10 mL (0.338 oz) internal volume of dryer tubing
Purge Flow Meter Range 0 to 5 L per min
Length 76 cm (30 in.)
Weight 4.4 kg (9.7 lb)

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