PD1T Single Tube Sample Dryer, 6 ft


The PD1T is a low-flow sample air dryer used with trace-gas analyzer systems. It is often used in profile or multi-site gradient sampling systems where only a subsample of the total sample flow needs to be dried and diverted to the trace-gas analyzer. The PD1T dryer uses a 6 ft length of 0.086 in. ID Nafion® tubing. It will dry 0.5 LPM to -15°C dewpoint. The sample inlet and outlet connections are 1/8 in. OD stainless-steel tubes. The purge connections are 0.5 in. Swagelok®, and the dryer shell is 0.5 in. OD Synflex 1300 tubing. This large size minimizes pressure drop in the purge flow to allow the dryer to be purged with the output of the TGA (reflux mode). The dryer shell is flexible Synflex 1300 tubing to allow it to be integrated easily into the sampling system, typically between a multiport sampling manifold and the TGA inlet.


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