TGA200A Trace Gas Analyzer System
Laser Options
-AL -AL N2O Laser
-BL -BL CH4 Laser
-CL -CL N2O & CO2 Laser
-DL -DL CO2/13C Laser
-EL -EL CO2/13C/18O Laser
Power Cable Options
-NPP -NPP No Power Cable
-NAC -NAC North America Cable
-EUC -EUC Europe Cable
-UKC -UKC UK/Ireland Cable
-AUC -AUC Australia/NZ Cable
-CNC -CNC China Cable
Power Mounting Options
-NM -NM No Enclosure Mounting
-MM -MM Tripod Mast Mounting
-LM -LM CM1xx Leg Mounting
-TM -TM Tower Mounting
-PM -PM Pole Mounting, 4-10in
-EM -EM ET Pole Mounting, 3in
Product Details
Typically Ships Within 60 - 67 Days
Restockable No
Warranty 1 year

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Ships With
(1) 15895 TGA Accessory and Tool Pack
(1) 15836 TGA Leak Check Nozzle, 25 ft Tubing
(1) 15838 TGA Test Intake, 25 ft Tubing
(1) 22178 TGA100A or TGA200(A) SDM Cable
(1) 15702 Polyethylene/Aluminum Raw Plastic Tubing, 0.250 in. OD x 0.040
(1) 18148 CAT5e Ethernet Crossover Cable, 25 ft
(1) 20730 Serial Data Cable, 9-Pin Female to 9-Pin Male
(1) 30723 TGA TEC Support Software
(1) 30981 TGA200A Power Module

Common Accessories

The 15837 assembly includes a flow meter, needle valve, 6.2 m (20 ft) of tubing, and 1/4 in. Swagelok® fittings at both ends. The 15837 is used to connect the trace gas analyzer to a reference gas tank regulator. A user-supplied reference gas is required to operate the TGA200A.
The 16599 is a weather-proof, insulated enclosure cover for the trace gas analyzer. It enables the analyzer to more easily control and maintain its temperature at a constant value. Campbell Scientific strongly recommends using the insulated enclosure cover for every TGA application.

Other Accessories

The 30497 is a sampling system designed for low-flow applications that require up to 12 sample inlets. It also allows measurement of up to 4 calibration gases.
The 17882 air sample intake assembly includes a rain diverter, insect screen, stainless-steel tubing, and mounting bracket. It may be used for low- or high-flow applications.
18072 TGA Heated Intake Filter
The 18072 intake filter assembly is used with trace gas analyzer systems in low-flow applications, such as profile or gradient measurements. Nominal flow for the three standard orifice sizes (0.007 in., 0.010 in., and 0.013 in.) is 0.26, 0.56, and 0.90 slpm (at sea level).
Orifice Size Options - show details
-7 -7 0.007 inch Orifice
Lower flow orifice option. Provides 0.26 slpm flow at sea level.
-10 -10 0.010 inch Orifice
Mid-flow and most common orifice option. Provides 0.56 slpm flow at sea level.
-13 -13 0.013 inch Orifice
Higher flow orifice option. Provides 0.90 slpm flow at sea level.
XDD1 Edwards Pump w/Fittings, 50ft of tubing
The XDD1 pump is used for trace gas systems that require only a small amount of air to be moved at low pressure. For example, the XDD1 can be configured with a system to sample from a single air intake or to take a subsample from a sampling manifold.
Power Cable Options
-NAC -NAC North America Cable
-EUC -EUC Europe Cable
-UKC -UKC UK/Ireland Cable
-AUC -AUC Australia/NZ Cable
-CNC -CNC China Cable
DOAV502 Gast Sample Pump, 53.8lpm Free Flow, Modified w/ 100ft tubing
The DOAV502 is a 53.8 LPM single-head pump used for lower-flow trace gas systems. The DOAV502 comes with 30.48 m (100 ft) of plastic tubing with an outer diameter of 1.27 cm (0.5 in.) and an inner diameter of 0.95 cm (0.375 in.).
Power Motor Options
-110 -110 110/115V Motor
DAAV505-L Gast Sample Pump,107.6lpm Free Flow, Modified
The DAAV505 is a 107.6 LPM double-head pump used for lower- to medium-flow applications. It has an option to include a user-specified length of 0.625 in. OD HDPE tubing.
DAAV505 Options - show details
-L ft hose per pump

Allowed values: 0-900 ft, increments of 100 ft

-U Tube Union for hose

Allowed values: 0-20 ea, increments of 1 ea

Power Motor Options
-220 -220 220/230V 50Hz Motor
-220 Power Cable Options
-NC -NC No Power Cable
-EUC -EUC Europe Cable
-UKC -UKC UK/Ireland Cable
-AUC -AUC Australia/NZ Cable
-CNC -CNC China Cable
The PD1T removes water vapor from the air sample to avoid measurement interference and the need to correct trace gas fluxes for water vapor flux. Recommended for low-flow applications, and often used to dry and deliver a sub-sample from a sampling manifold to a trace gas analyzer.
The PD1T-1.5 is used to remove water vapor from the air sample to avoid measurement interference and the need to correct trace gas fluxes for water vapor flux. Recommended for intakes of low-flow applications, especially when condensing conditions are common.
The PD200T removes water vapor from the air sample to avoid measurement interference and the need to correct trace gas fluxes for water vapor flux. Recommended for high-flow application such as eddy covariance.
The PD625 is intended for lower flow applications. The PD625 removes water vapor from the air sample to avoid measurement interference and the need to correct trace gas fluxes for water vapor flux. It includes a filter holder and spare filter elements, a needle valve and flow meter for the purge flow, and mounting hardware.
The 19541 measures air flow and is often used to measure high-flow sample air from a PD200T in eddy-covariance applications.

Replacement Parts

The 18058 is used to replace the heated filter assembly on the 18072 Heated Intake Filter when the filter plugs in the field. A used or plugged 18058 may be salvaged by replacing its filter element, pn 17575.
The 17575 is a 7µm pore-size filter element used in the 18072, 18058, and PD625.
The 9838 is a box of replacement filters used with the PD200T.
The 15895 is an accessory and tool pack containing a tube cutter, analyzer mirror position gauge, and screwdriver, as well as an assortment of Swagelok® fittings, end wrenches, hex key or Allen wrenches, and hose clamps.
The 20730 is a 7.6m (25 ft) 9-pin female to 9-pin male serial data cable often used to connect an RS-232 port on a sensor or analyzer to an RS-232 port on a datalogger or PC.
The 18148 is a 7.6 m (25 ft), unshielded, CAT5e crossover Ethernet cable. It should be used when connecting two Ethernet-capable products directly together, or when connecting one directly to a PC.
The 15702 is 1/4 in. OD Synflex 1300 tubing that has a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) jacket, overlapped aluminum tape, and ethylene copolymer liner.
The 30723 is a CD that contains installation files for TGA TEC Support Software and current TGA firmware used to support the TGA200A.
The 30981 is a power module included with the TGA200A that provides 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc to the TGA200A. The 12 Vdc is used to power the electronics of the trace gas analyzer, while the 24 Vdc is used to power the heaters and fans that regulate the TGA enclosure temperature. A pair of 15 ft power cables with keyed connectors are included with the module.
The 22178 is a 6 m (20 ft) cable used to connect the SDM ports on a trace gas analyzer to the SDM ports on a datalogger. It includes three wires for SDM signals, one wire for ground, and a shield. One end has untinned pigtail wires used to connect semi-permanently to the trace gas analyzer's SDM connector. The other end has tinned pigtail wires used to connect to the ports on a datalogger or SDM hub.
The 15838 includes a filter, needle valve, and 7.6 m (25 ft) of tubing for use as a sample intake.
The 15836 includes a 1/4 in. Swagelok® fitting, 7.6 m (25 ft) of tubing, needle valve, and a nozzle for detecting leaks around fittings and tubing of a trace gas analyzer.