9922 20 AWG, 1-Twisted Pair Santoprene Cable


Primarily used to carry 12 Vdc power, the 9922 is a two-wire, 20 AWG cable.



Dimensions 30.48 x 0.66 x 0.66 cm (12.0 x 0.26 x 0.26 in.)
Weight 22.68 g (0.05 lb)

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Campbell Scientific recommends pn 9922, 20 AWG 1 Twisted Pair Santoprene Cable. Santoprene stays pliable over the environmental temperature range, making it easy to work with in the field. It is also resistant to ultraviolet radiation and will not degrade over time.

    Campbell Scientific cable pn 9922 also fits properly in the Heyco bulkhead fittings on the sample intake enclosures. The Heyco bulkhead fittings serve as strain relief for the heater power cable.

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