8219 6 V 7 Ah Lead Acid Battery


The 8219 provides a 6 Vdc 7 Ah sealed rechargeable battery. This battery is used in the rechargeable base of a CR23X, CR3000, or CR5000 datalogger. It is also included in the 8271 Sealed Battery Module for the CR9000(X)-series dataloggers. To provide 12 Vdc, two of these batteries are wired in series. For the CR9000X, four batteries are used to create a 12 V, 14 Ah source. For the CR9000XC, two batteries are used. Customers can generally replace the batteries.



Manufacturer Information YUASA NP7-6
Voltage 6 Vdc
Capacity 7 Ah, 20 hr to 1.75 vpc (@ 30°C)
Type Valve-regulated sealed lead-acid (VRLA), rechargeable
Terminals Faston tab 187 A, 0.47 cm (0.185 in.) x 0.64 cm (0.25 in.)
Dimensions 15.24 x 3.18 x 10.16 cm (6.0 x 1.25 x 4.0 in.)
Weight 1.25 kg (2.75 lb)

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