Data Loggers / CR9000X
This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: GRANITE10,GRANITE9.
CR9000X Datalogger Base System
Temperature Ranges - show details
-ST -ST -25 to +50C
Every CR9000X is tested and guaranteed to perform within published specifications over the standard temperature range. Units are tested and shipped to the standard temperature range unless an extended range is specified. Any internal batteries are not tested or guaranteed across the entire standard temperature range.
-XT -XT -40 to +70C
When ordered, the CR9000X is tested and guaranteed to perform over the extended temperature range. Analog accuracies are derated approximately two times over the published specifications. The extended testing covers the -40° to +70°C range. Any internal batteries are not tested or guaranteed across the entire extended temperature range.
Warranty Lengths
-SW -SW Standard 3yr Warranty
-XW -XW 4yr Warr Extension
Calibration Certificate
-NC -NC No Calibration Cert
-CC -CC Calibration Cert
-LE -LE Lab Enclosure
-FE -FE Field Enclosure
Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 3 years
Compliance CE Compliance Image

Common Accessories

RTDAQ Real-Time Data Acquisition Software
At least one copy of RTDAQ is needed. RTDAQ is Campbell Scientific's data logger support software targeted for high-speed data acquisition applications. This versatile software supports a variety of telecommunication options, manual data collection, and extensive data display. RTDAQ includes easy-to-use program generators, as well as full-featured program editors. RTDAQ is available on our website.
Delivery Method
-D -D Download Only
-DD -DD Download & CD Disc
This 10baseT Ethernet straight through cable can be used when the cable is run from a hub to the CR9000X. The 28900 has a 10 ft length.
The 28901 is similar to the 28900 cable but has a 50 ft length. This cable is typically used when the distance between the hub and data logger is 10 to 50 ft.
CAT5UCBL-L CAT5e Cable Unshielded w/RJ-45 Connectors
The CAT5UCBL is similar to the 28900 cable but is ordered to a user-defined length.
Cable Length - show details
-L Pricing is in ft per cable

Allowed values: 1-1000 ft, increments of 1 ft

This 10baseT Ethernet crossover cable is used if the cable is run directly from the computer to the CP9000X.
The CF1 adapter allows the PCMCIA slots in the CR9000X to receive CompactFlash® cards. Only industrial-grade CF cards with a storage capacity of 2 GB or less should be used with our products.
The 17752 Reader/Writer allows a computer's USB port to read the data stored on CF card.
The CFMC256M is an industrial-grade CompactFlash card with a 256 MB storage capacity. The card is formatted as FAT32.
The CFMC2G is an industrial-grade CompactFlash card with a 2 GB storage capacity. The card is formatted as FAT32.

Other Accessories

The 17597 is offered for customers who want a paper CR9000X Operator's Manual in a 3-ring binder.

Replacement Parts

This battery powers the clock and RAM when the primary 12 Vdc power supply is not connected. The battery must be replaced when its voltage falls below 2.4 Vdc.
This "blank" (no circuit board or components) occupies one slot in the CR9000X chassis when the slot will be unoccupied by a functional I/O Module, thereby providing a degree of protection for modules in the adjacent slots.
The data logger is calibrated and a two-page calibration certificate is shipped.
The 8219 provides a 6 Vdc 7 Ah sealed rechargeable battery. This battery is included in the 8271 Sealed Battery Module for the CR9000(X)-series dataloggers. To provide 12 Vdc, two of these batteries are wired in series. For the CR9000X, four batteries are required. Customers can generally replace the batteries.
The 10873 is a serial cable that is useful for connecting the RS-232 port of the data logger to the 9-pin RS-232 port of a computer. The cable is six feet long.
The 8125 is a small, flat-bladed screwdriver that is extremely useful for opening the guillotine terminals on our data loggers and measurement control devices.


The 15851 provides extended temperature retesting for a CR9000X datalogger that has previously passed extended temperature testing (-40° to +70°C). Retesting also requires concurrent purchase of recalibration. As individual components age, their ability to perform within specifications at temperature extremes diminishes. Therefore, Campbell Scientific can not guarantee that individual units that previously passed extended temperature testing will be capable of doing so at a later date.
The 16552 requires an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) from Campbell Scientific. When ordered, the CR9000X is recalibrated to meet original specifications. Recalibration includes standard temperature testing (-25° to +50°C). Before and after calibration sheets are supplied with the data logger. The calibration price assumes return of a fully functional data logger; charges for all repairs will be added to the invoice.