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Enables Network Diagnostics for Radios
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When the 20625 is purchased, the customer receives a Freewave Diagnostics & Programming Cable and a CD containing Freewave Software. These items allow advanced users of RF450 or FGR-115 radios to perform Network Diagnostics. The 20625 is ordered as a common accessory for the RF450 radio. One 20625 was shipped with each pair of FGR-115RC or FGR-115RE radios; both radios are now retired. Customers with FGR-115 radios may want to order the 20625 when an odd number of radios is in the network or as a replacement item.

The 20625 is an accessory for the -RF451 option of the CRVW3. This cable connects to the wiring panel of the CRVW3 and allows access to advanced radio features for Network Diagnostics. The 20625 is only applicable with the CRVW3-RF451 communication option.

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