255-200 Class A Evaporation Pan
Reliable in Harsh Environments
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The 255-200 is a standard National Weather Service Class A evaporation pan for the 255-100 Evaporation Gauge. It is manufactured by Novalynx.

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255-200 Evaporation Pan attached to the 255-100 Evaporation Gage via the 255-100P/F Stainless-Steel Pipe and Fittings (all items sold separately)

Detailed Description

The 255-200 is constructed out of low-carbon, 18-gauge, type-304 stainless steel. The 255-200 is heliarc welded and includes a 1/2-in. drain plug and NPT female coupling. The pan holds approximately 77 gallons of water (i.e., adding 7.7 gallons will raise water level in pan by 1-in).


Material Low carbon stainless steel, type 304, 18 gauge
Construction Heliarc welded, 1/2-in. drain plug NPT female coupling
Volume ~291 L (~77 gal)

Adding 29.15 L (7.7 gal) will raise water level in pan by 2.54 cm (1 in.).
Inside Diameter 120.6 cm (47.5 in.)
Inside Depth 25 cm (10 in.)
Wall Thickness 0.119 cm (0.047 in.)
Weight 22 kg (48 lb)


This evaporation pan is typically used with the 255-100 Evaporation Gauge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Number of FAQs related to 255-200: 2

  1. The 255-100 Evaporation Gauge is a potentiometer-type sensor. The 255-100 only draws a few milliamps of power momentarily. If the 255-100 is the only sensor in the system, the data logger has an average power draw of approximately 1 mA.

  2. The Half Bridge instruction should be selected (not the 3 Wire or 4 Wire options) in Short Cut. The following parameters are data logger specific, but the following can be used on the CR1000 datalogger with the sensor wired to SE1, and Vx1:

    How many HalfBr Sensors?          1
    Total Bridge Resistance 1000 ohm
    Excitation Voltage 2500 mV
    Sensors per excitation channel 1
    Range of sensor voltage 2500 mV
    Reverse Excitation Yes
    Measurement Integration

    50 or 60Hz

    Settling Time 20000 µs
    Multiplier Determined during installation (see manual)
    Offset Determined during installation (see manual)

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