If the 255-100 Evaporation Gauge is not listed as a sensor in Short Cut, how can the sensor be configured?

The Half Bridge instruction should be selected (not the 3 Wire or 4 Wire options) in Short Cut. The following parameters are data logger specific, but the following can be used on the CR1000 datalogger with the sensor wired to SE1, and Vx1:

How many HalfBr Sensors?          1
Total Bridge Resistance 1000 ohm
Excitation Voltage 2500 mV
Sensors per excitation channel 1
Range of sensor voltage 2500 mV
Reverse Excitation Yes
Measurement Integration

50 or 60Hz

Settling Time 20000 µs
Multiplier Determined during installation (see manual)
Offset Determined during installation (see manual)

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