In December 2014, Campbell Scientific introduced the CRVW3, a datalogger designed exclusively for vibrating wire measurements. It uses our patented vibrating wire spectral-analysis technology (VSPECT) to deliver the most accurate measurement for vibrating wire sensors. These sensors benefit a wide variety of structural, hydrological, and geotechnical applications.

The CRVW3 can have an optional embedded radio for wireless routing communication. Campbell Scientific initially offered only one embedded radio option, but recently added three new options. The radio options differ in their transmit power and frequency range:

Embedded Radio Where Used Frequency (MHz) Power (mW)


U.S., Canada, Australia

902 to 928

5 to 1,000, user selectable

RF407 (new)

U.S., Canada

902 to 928

5 to 250, user selectable

RF412 (new)

Australia, New Zealand

915 to 928

5 to 250, user selectable

RF422 (new)

Most of Europe and some of Asia

863 to 870

2 to 25, user selectable

The radios are license free, provide robust links, and consume little power. With the embedded radios, the wireless communication system requires a smaller number of external peripherals, which simplifies installation and minimizes costs. The radios also reduce the risk of lightning damage because there are fewer exposed cables.

Campbell Scientific is committed to continually improve our dataloggers to better support our customers' needs. The new radio options for the CRVW3 are an example of this commitment.

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