CM265 with -S pyranometer plate option

CM265 with -V VU01 plate option

The CM265 is designed specifically for securing a pyranometer near the end cap of the NexTracker torque tube. This new mounting kit comes with either a standard top plate for mounting a pyranometer or a top plate for mounting the VU01 ventilation unit. The standard plate has multiple hole patterns that support most pyranometers offered by Campbell Scientific.

Traditionally, tightly securing the pyranometer to the mounting bracket while leveling it is difficult. Without a secure fit, the pyranometer's position can shift resulting in an unlevel pyranometer. The mounting process is even more difficult when the pyranometer needs to be secured to a single-axis tracker torque tube for plane-of-array measurements.

Design features of the CM265 solve these problems. The bracket fits in the limited space near the end cap of the NexTracker torque tube and allows easy access to the mounting holes and bolts used to secure the pyranometer to the mounting plate. Built-in leveling bolts simplify leveling.

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