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HUB-SDM5 5-Channel Hub for SDM Peripherals
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Technically, the HUB-SDM5 has not been replaced by another product. However, users may find the HUB-SDM8 8-Channel Hub to be a suitable alternative.

The HUB-SDM5 Five-Channel Hub makes it more convenient to connect multiple SDMs to a single data logger. It consists of DIN-rail mounted busbars housed in a small environmental enclosure.

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Benefits and Features

  • Spring-loaded guillotine terminals for easy wire connection
  • Compression fittings for cable entry that provide a more water-tight seal


Detailed Description

The HUB-SDM5 includes spring-loaded guillotine terminals mounted on a DIN-rail that provide connection points for individual wires. The terminals are grouped in five sets of six terminals, each allowing connection of five groups of five incoming wires and one common outgoing wire. A small screwdriver is provided to open the guillotines for wire entry.

The HUB-SDM5's enclosure is fitted with six compression fittings on its lower surface. Each compression fitting accommodates entry/exit of one cable. The enclosure also has an external bracket for attaching it to a pole or mast.


Operating Temperature Range -55° to +85°C
Operating Humidity 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Compression Fittings 6
Terminal Strips
  • Three spring-loaded guillotine connections per terminal
  • Two terminals in common through a jumper creates five banks.
Dimensions 17.8 x 19.7 x 13.3 cm (7.0 x 7.75 x 5.25 in.)
Weight 820 g (1.8 lb)


Data Logger to HUB-SDM5 CABLE5CBL-L connects the HUB-SDM5 to 12 V, Ground, and Control Ports of the data logger.
HUB-SDM5 to Individual SDM Devices For each SDM, one CABLE5CBL-L cable connects the HUB-SDM5 terminal to 12 V, Ground, and Control Ports.


When the HUB-SDM5 is used as a peripheral in an SDM application, compatible data loggers are any that are SDM compatible.


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