28370 3.8 A 24 V NEC Class 2 Power Supply Kit


The 28370 is a 24 Vdc power-supply kit that includes a 24 Vdc, 3.8 A power supply, along with hardware for mounting and wiring inside standard Campbell Scientific enclosures. The 28370 with the -UL option, as well as part number 27623, are used in UL508A-certified enclosures assembled at Campbell Scientific.

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Power Supply Kit  with -SK standard kit option
Power Supply Kit with -SK standard kit option
Power Supply Kit  with -SK standard kit option
Power Supply Kit  with -UL UL508A Kit option

Detailed Description

The 28370 kit includes a DIN rail bracket, DIN rail connectors, breakers, and the Phoenix Power Supply. This kit does not contain a battery and therefore requires a PS150, CH150, PS200, CH200 or possibly a larger battery if using it with our data loggers.

The raw kit comes unassembled, but its user manual provides assembly information. If the 28370 is purchased with a prewired or UL enclosure, the 28370 will be assembled at no additional cost. If using it with a standard enclosure, Campbell Scientific will assemble it for an additional fee.


Nominal Input Voltage 100 to 240 Vac
AC Input Voltage Range 85 to 264 Vac
DC Input Voltage Range 90 to 350 Vdc
AC Frequency Range 45 to 65 Hz
Current Consumption
  • ~1.3 A (120 Vac)
  • 0.8 A (230 Vac)
  • ~1.3 A (90 Vdc)
  • ~0.4 A (350 Vdc)
Inrush Surge Current < 15 A (typical)
Power Failure Bypass
  • > 20 ms (120 Vac)
  • > 100 ms (230 Vac)
Input Fuse 3.15 A (slow-blow internal)
Nominal Output Voltage 24 Vdc ±1%
Setting Range of Output Voltage 22.5 to 26 Vdc ( > 24 V constant capacity)
Output Current 3.8 A (-25° to +60°C)
Derating 60° to 70°C (2.5%/K)
Residual Ripple < 40 mVPP (20 MHz)
Peak Switching Voltages Idling < 100 mVPP (20 MHz)
Maximum Power Dissipation (no load) 2.5 W
Maximum Power Loss of Nominal Load 12 W
Weight 988.83 g (2.18 lb)


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