To make it easier to connect to newer computers, we are releasing three new spread-spectrum radios with USB ports. The new RF430 (900-MHz), RF431 (922-MHz), and RF432 (2.4-GHz) radios are functionally the same as our RF401 series. The difference between the two is that the RF430 series has both USB and RS-232 ports, while the RF401 series has RS-232 and CS I/O ports.

The new radios are designed primarily for use on the computer side (via the USB port), and they can also be adapted to connect to the datalogger via the RS-232 port. They are compatible with all of our current dataloggers, while most of our older loggers need to use RF401-series radios that have a CS I/O port. However, networks can contain a mixture of RF430-series and RF401-series radios.

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