Short Cut 2.9
Updated: 08-25-2011

  1. A new Datalogger step has been added to the Progress panel. In this step, you select the datalogger model and set the scan interval. When generating a program for a CR9000X, the CR9000X Configuration box also appears on this screen.
  2. When adding a sensor, if more than one of the selected sensor can be added, the choice of how many sensors to add is included as part of the sensor’s form rather than as a separate dialog box.
  3. When adding more than one sensor, a dialog box is available that allows you to input unique values for certain calibration and/or conversion factors (e.g., multiplier, offset, gage factor) for each sensor being measured.
  4. Each sensor form now includes a wiring tab that shows the wiring for the sensor. This tab allows you to manually change the wiring location, if desired.
  5. For some sensors that require an excitation voltage, the sensor form now includes parameters that allow you to calculate Sensors per Excitation Channel. (Exciting more than one sensor with an excitation channel is helpful when the sensors to be measured outnumber the available excitation channels.)
  6. An SC115 CS I/O-to-USB Flash Memory Drive check box has been added to the Outputs screen. When this box is selected, new data will be copied to an SC115 when it is plugged into the CS I/O port of the datalogger.
  7. Selected Sensors are now shown in a tree format and branches of the tree can be collapsed or expanded as desired. This can be especially useful when the Selected Sensor tree contains multiplexers.
  8. Added Sensors: 27106T Wind Speed Sensor, CS525 ISFET pH Probe, CS650/655 Water Content Reflectometer, CS506 Fuel Moisture Sensor, NR-LITE2 Net Radiometer, CNR4 Net Radiometer, Quarter Bridge Strain Gage, Geokon 4000/4050 Vibrating Wire Strain Gage, Geokon 4100 Series Vibrating Wire Strain Gage, Geokon 4420 Vibrating Wire Crackmeter, Geokon 4500 Series Vibrating Wire Piezometer.