EasyFlux DL for CR6CP 1.04
Updated: 11-22-2021

  1. Added CSAT3AH compile switch.
  2. Added HygroVUE10 compile switch.
  3. EE181 and HC2S3 compile switch removed.
  4. Update to output message when zero/span coefficient is out of plausible range.
  5. Update diagnostic table to match open-path EasyFlux code.
  6. Position qualifiers for multiple sensors updated to match H_V_R naming convention.
  7. CS616 and NRLITE compile switches removed.
  8. CPEC300 compile switch removed.
  9. SOIL_HT_FLUX is no longer a constant.
  10. Net radiometer power control added for low-power protection.
  11. Heater control for SN500SS fixed and is now properly working.
  12. VOLT naming convention added for CPI expansion modules.