EasyFlux DL for CR6CP 1.03
Updated: 08-05-2019

  1. Revised as a universal program for CSI CPEC systems, being compatible with CPEC300, CPEC306, and CPEC310.
  2. Added the supporting functionalities for heating and ventilation accessories (CNF4) for CNR4.
  3. LI-190 and LI-200 sensor compatibility removed and replaced with CS310 and CS320. Please contact Campbell Scientific if you need code compatible with removed sensors.
  4. The design of soil heat flux measurements was optimized. Now, this program can support three replications of HFP01/HFP01SC, CS655, and optional TCAV. The default depth for CS655 was revised to 8 cm for its measurement diameter of 16 cm. As a result, the default depth of HFP01/HFP01SC was revised to 16 cm and the distribution of four probes in one TVAV is also recommended.
  5. Constant declarations in ConstTable are more specified for Boolean (TRUE/FALSE) and Long data types. Also for constants outside ConsTable.
  6. SN500 4-way net radiometer sensor compatibility added.
  7. Days of MicrSD to store more data has been more accurately estimated, which is preferred by EasyFlux_web.
  8. Added the supporting functionalities for heating of the NR01.
  9. Optimized the use of GPS for more accurate determination of geographic coordination data.
  10. Prioritized EC155 power-off over EC100 reset while system voltage fluctuates down to the low threshold for the system to run.