CR6 OS 5.01
Updated: 10-06-2016

  1. (CRITICAL) Upgrading the Operating System will reset all the CR6’s settings back to the factory defaults. Sending this OS remotely is not recommended. To restore settings after the update, it is recommended that a backup be made of the current logger settings or take programmatic measures to ensure your settings can be restored. This can be done using the DevConfig backup utility or CRBasic instruction SetSetting. Watch the Video Tutorial: Sending an OS to a Local Datalogger.
  2. Removed PPP support for "VJ" compression protocol that was added in OS 5. This caused the RV-50 and LS-300 modems to no longer pass PakBus packets when PPP was enabled.
  3. Removed an extra time out that was causing the datalogger to report incorrectly "timing out after close" after closing a PPP connection.