NL240 Firmware 7
Updated: 10-19-2015

  1. Added the ability to act as DHCP server when configured to create a Wi-Fi network. Device will now give out addresses to devices that connect instead of relying on Auto IP addressing.
  2. Improved handling of TLS services to allow for the extra time that a 2048-bit encrypted connection takes. Fixes the issue where TLS with a 2048-bit key was not working.
  3. Updated TLS stack (axtls 1.5.2)
  4. Fixed functionality in bridge mode to intercept TCP traffic destined for the "TCP Configuration Port Number" (setting in Settings Editor). This allows the NL240 to be configured remotely by DevConfig when the device is configured in bridge mode.
  5. Changed the IP address setting to always display when in bridge mode rather than showing "OK" if the IP/MAC info has been obtained from the datalogger. All pertinent IP information is displayed to the user in the TCP/IP Info (Status) window.
  6. Added netmask, & gateway to the IP Info displayed in the Device Configuration Utility when in bridge mode.
  7. Added WLAN Domain Name (hostname that DNS server will respond to) as a user setting.
  8. Improved the power-save feature when joined to an existing ad-hoc network. Presently as a power-save measure, when the network goes quiet (no activity), the NL240 will disconnect then immediately try to connect. This way it tests if the network still exists. It will now abort any existing connections before powering off the network to alert the other side of the disconnection.
  9. Along with the previously mentioned ad-hoc power-save feature, the NL240 will check if any active TCP connections are Pakbus/TCP. If so, it will send some dummy data to attempt to see if the connection is still active before disconnecting from the network.
  10. Changed the device behavior when joined to an existing ad-hoc network with the low-power mode setting set to disabled. If low-power mode is disabled, the device will now stay connected to the ad-hoc network forever and keep it alive even if the original creator leaves the network.
  11. Changed the behavior of the red LED to always strobe regardless of the power mode setting in an effort to conserve power.
  12. Fixed the issue in bridge mode that was causing two loggers to select the same Auto IP address when on a network with no DHCP server.
  13. Improved wrong WEP key error handling. This addresses the issue whereupon supplying an incorrect WEP key in join mode, the error message displayed was cycling between "connected" and "Error: Wrong WEP key."
  14. Improved the power conservation behavior of the NL240 by immediately powering off the Wi-Fi module when a network disconnect is sensed.
  15. Changed the lwip TCP/IP stack IPv6 neighbor discovery code (nd6.c) to ensure at least one router solicitation is sent even if a router advertisement is received prior to having sent a solicitation. This should ensure receiving a full advertisement from all routers.
  16. Improved device reset by adding a function to attempt to close all open TCP connections before performing the reset.
  17. Added functionality to update the TCP/IP Info in the terminal mode.