NL240 Firmware 6
Updated: 08-21-2014

  1. When updating to OS 6 from OS 4 or previous, settings will be reinitialized to factory defaults. When updating to OS 6 from OS 5, settings will be retained.
  2. Fixed a telnet memory leak that was causing units to quit responding to TCP/IP traffic if the telnet port was opened repeatedly. This problem is common in units positioned on the public internet.
  3. Fixed a bug in bridge mode mac/ip info exchange. With datalogger OS27 set to a static IP address, the nl2xx wasn't successfully recording the ip info. This bug caused the nl2xx bridge mode to be un-usable with a datalogger OS27 configured with a static IP address.
  4. Fixed a bug to properly clear the UART noise and error interrupts. This error was occurring sometimes when trying to communicate at a baud rate that did not match the configured baud rate. The flag was not being cleared which was causing a watchdog.
  5. Added functionality in bridge mode to intercept TCP traffic destined for the "TCP Configuration Port Number" (setting in Settings Editor). This allows the NL2xx to be configured remotely by DevConfig when the device is configured in bridge mode.
  6. Added a timeout on the SDC cycle. This allows the nl2xx to recover from an error condition on an SDC cycle where the cycle starts and doesn't ever end. This was happening due to a bug discovered in the datalogger OS. It showed up in OS27 (it may be present in previous OSes as well but had not been discovered).
  7. Improved RS-232 Receive task to use the baud rate to determine how much data to buffer before sending it to TCP. Now it will buffer up a maximum of ~100ms worth of data before sending to TCP. This improves communications when using slow baud rates because the data is shifted out sooner.
  8. Improved the way the TCP task handles emptying the TCP transmit queue. Data will be removed from the queue that has been there for too long without a successful transmission. Data that belongs to connections that are in an invalid state will also be removed.
  9. Improved terminal mode by tightening the requirements to start the terminal. Must receive 3 CR(LF) in a row instead of 3 total.
  10. Improved terminal mode by adding a timeout to the terminal task. The terminal task uses the "Telnet Timeout" setting (Settings Editor) specified by user as its timeout. If no characters are entered by the user in that time frame, the terminal task will be killed and the other RS-232 tasks will be started.
  11. Improved terminal mode by adding an invalid entry counter to the terminal task. If the invalid entry counter gets too high, the terminal task will be killed and the other RS-232 tasks will be started. This will cause the terminal mode to be exited if started in error.
  12. Improved some telnet debug info when opening and closing tcp connections to show lcl and rmt ports.
  13. Added telnet debug i/o monitoring ability for Modbus RS-232 Tx which was missing