CR3000 OS 21
Updated: 11-17-2010

  1. Added CWB100 instruction to work with wireless sensor base.
  2. Added support for TLS servers.
  3. Added Line Continuation. A line continuation consists of at least one white-space character that immediately precedes a single underscore character as the last character (other than white space) in a text line. A line continuation allows a logical line to span more than one physical line. Line continuations are treated as if they were white space, even though they are not.
    Public A, B,_
    C,D, E, F
    If (A And B)_
    Or (C And D)_
    Or (E And F) then Exit Scan
  4. Improved ACPower() instruction to include Wild AC power.
  5. Enhanced ModBusSlave so that multiple ModBus slave instructions referencing the same address can reference different start registers via the offset specified in the ModBus address parameter.
  6. Changed SampleMaxMin() so that the disable parameter is allowed to rep with the () syntax.
  7. Fixed default units for WindVector.
  8. Fixed Units problem when variable_name(constant_index_name) exceeded 38 characters.
  9. Relaxed error checking for subroutines calling tables and being called from different sequences.
  10. Fixed timestamp problem for interval tables using disable var to not output on the interval.
  11. Fixed a problem with long interval (>1hr) tables where there was a skipped record and a write to the table on the first call due to using the wrong time.
  12. Fixed “off-by-one error” in record number calculation for SC115 in "milking" mode.
  13. Allowed call to Subroutine with no parameters defined using the () to have white space following the () notation.
  14. Changed the PPP interface so that it will get a gateway via the PPP DHCP client even if it already has a gateway from the Ethernet interface.
  15. Enhanced HTTP web service with NewFile, ClockSet, and ClockCheck commands.
  16. Changed to flag a compile error if a Function is invoked with the "Call" instruction.
  17. Changed FileSize and FileTime so that if the parameter is of type String then it is assumed to be a file name instead of a file handle.
  18. Changed output modes of EC100 instruction.
  19. Added 218 command to EC100Configure and reworked instruction to allow running in the SDM measurement task.
  20. Changed PakBus Callback so that an extra 5 seconds is added to the timeout waiting for the Public.Callback response.
  21. Extended the guard time around the +++ "go off line" message to modems used by the DialModem instruction and by PPP dialing from 1.2 seconds to 2 seconds, since some modems expect 2 seconds instead of the original Hayes modem of 1 second guard time.
  22. Changed EmailReceive so that the optional parameter specifying where to return Date, From, and Subject will work irrespective of the order they are returned by the POP3 server. Previously the order returned by GMAIL worked but not the order returned by other email servers.
  23. Added tracing for EmailSend and EmailReceive if the datalogger’s IP Trace code is 4.
  24. Changed IPRoute() instruction so that the next hop is the gateway instead of its own address.
  25. Changed TCP and FTP user name and password to accept up to 64 characters (include null teminator) from 32.
  26. Changed DNP3 protocol: (1) multiple master connections are possible. (2) Flag arrays will index along with the data arrays. (3) The DNP "on line" flag is controled by the program's flag, bit 0, instead of forced to always on-line. (4) A TCP/IP connection will use TLS Secure Sockets if the TLS Server setting and TLS setting are active.
  27. Changed EC100 & TGA to load -99999 into first input location if a signature error on SDM data occurs.
  28. Improved communications so If in terminal mode over Modem Enable and the 'W' mode, keep the ME line high for the duration of the timeout specified.
  29. Changed the reps parameter of Move, RMSSpa, StdDevSpa, MaxSpa, MinSpa, AvgSpa, CovSpa, and SplitStr from integer constant to variable integer.
  30. Fixed parsing a constant expression that begins with &H (hexadecimal) or &B (binary) and includes a subsequent operator; e.g., &H8000 + 2.
  31. Fixed GetDataRecord and AcceptData when the record is large enough to require multiple fragments.
  32. Fixed SerialInRecord in the case that number of bytes is specified, along with either the begin word or the end word.
  33. Improved synchronization between SDM task and processing when skipped scans occur due to SDM task taking too long.