Even in this age of the Internet, a good old-fashioned, printable resume is a definite necessity. Here are some resume tips that may be helpful:

  • State "who you are" (Personal Summary)
    Sometimes referred to as an “elevator statement” or “30-second me,” provide a brief statement describing your greatest strengths and strongest attributes as they may relate to the specific job of interest.
  • Identify your technical & functional skills
    These are the skills acquired over your career that apply directly to the position you are applying for. Include relevant certifications.
  • Describe your experience  (Accomplishments)
    We need evidence of your achievements and responsibilities, both academic and professional. How does your experience relate to the job opportunity you are seeking?
  • Define your education
    List your educational experience, including institutions and achievements.
  • Tell us about yourself (Interests)
    We don't need a complete biography, but we do want to see a couple of items about your hobbies, interests, and activities outside of the office. "All work and no play" is not a Campbell Scientific, Inc., core value.
  • Keep it simple
    Keep your content focused on illustrating why you can help us, not why the job would be good for you personally.
  • Focus on one opportunity at a time
    If you are applying for multiple unrelated positions, submit individual applications. If you are applying for related positions, submit one application, and we will consider the best fit for your talents.