At Campbell Scientific, Inc., we believe in working together to achieve common goals and in balancing our work lives with other interests in a healthy and manageable way. We believe in removing obstacles that interfere with productivity, celebrating milestones, and finding ways to make work more fun. To this end, we add a comprehensive benefits and compensation package that underscores this philosophy. This package includes resources and rewards that honor employee contributions and that support every aspect of their lives.

As an employee, you can expect clear and consistent communication with your manager about job expectations and the effect of your contributions on the strategic initiatives of Campbell Scientific, Inc. We strive to ensure that our employees clearly understand the role they play in our company's success.

We believe that the growth and success of our business is directly related to the growth and performance of our employees. Our people managers play a key role in making this happen by:

  • Modeling Campbell Scientific, Inc., Core Values (See below.)
  • Developing their employees by mentoring; providing honest and direct feedback, as well as ongoing coaching; and finding opportunities to give them more challenging work
  • Building strong teams, promoting collaboration, and fostering partnering across functions and business units
  • Influencing and building relationships that help remove obstacles to getting the job done
  • Leading for exceptional performance and results, ensuring Campbell Scientific, Inc., remains innovative and continues to exceed customer needs

Core Values

These are the values that we live by. We select, promote, recognize, and reward our employees based on these values:

  • Accountability – personal responsibility to honor commitments with integrity and transparency
  • Respect – treat clients and fellow employees with trust, humility, and respect, and expect the same in return
  • Client-Centric – individual dedication to know our clients and serve our clients
  • Teamwork – work collaboratively with others to achieve our goals
  • Innovation – radically improve the client experience by applying appropriate technologies and processes
  • Continually Improve – embrace change and evolve quickly to improve what we do and how we do it