No time to wire your Campbell Scientific system? Let us do it for you. Campbell Scientific’s new PWENC-series enclosures combine flexibility with ease of use. You still have the flexibility to choose your system components, but installation is easy because the sensors are simply attached to prewired connectors on the outside of the enclosure—eliminating the sometimes tedious chore of wiring sensor leads into the datalogger’s terminal strips. If you want to simplify your setup even more, Campbell Scientific will even create a custom datalogger program.

We offer the enclosure in our three largest standard sizes. Connectors, communication ports, and the enclosure mounting bracket are chosen as options. You order the datalogger, sensors, power supply, communication option, and instrument mount separately. Compatible sensors, peripheral cables, and solar panels have a –PW extension on their model name. The cables for these products are fitted with connectors that mate with the enclosure’s connectors. You can attach the enclosures to any of our tripods or towers, or to a user-supplied pipe.


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