Over the years, we’ve offered submersible pressure transducers from various manufacturers for measuring pressure, depth, or level in hydrological applications. This year we are pleased to announce that we have designed and are now producing our own pressure transducer, the CS450. We designed the CS450 with the goal of offering a high-quality instrument and providing shorter lead times for ordering and recalibration.

The new transducer measures pressure with a static accuracy within 0.1% full-scale total-error band over a 0° to 60°C temperature range.

The CS450 generates a precision excitation, then outputs a value that corresponds to the water pressure. It outputs either a digital SDI-12 or an RS-232 signal. All of our contemporary dataloggers as well as many retired dataloggers, are compatible.

The standard CS450 is 8.4 in. long, and has a stainless-steel case; a titanium case is available for use in corrosive environments.

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