This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: RTMCPRO. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available.
PONDVIEW Real-Time Monitoring & Control Software


Campbell Scientific’s PondView™ software, coupled with our rugged, reliable monitoring and control systems, offer powerful tools for aquacultural farm managers. Benefits of the system include increased yield, reduced mortality, reduced energy use, and automated 24-hour monitoring.



  • LoggerNet Datalogger Support Software
  • Minimum hardware of 300 MHz Pentium II processor, 64 Mbytes RAM, 800 x 600 screen resolution
  • Windows NT, 2000, or XP operating system


PONDVIEW Compatibility Information

Computer Requirements
The minimum recommended hardware is a Pentium II processor with 128 Mbytes of RAM and a screen resolution of 800x600. Recommended operating system is Windows® NT, 2000, or XP. The computer must also have at least 100 MB of free disk space.

Datalogger OS
It is compatible with the mixed array, PakBus®, and TD datalogger operating systems for the CR510, CR10X, and CR23X dataloggers.

PONDVIEW Compatibility by Datalogger

CR200 Series CR800/CR850 CR1000 CR3000 CR9000X

PONDVIEW Compatibility by Retired Datalogger

CR500 CR510 CR10 CR10X 21X CR23X CR9000 CR7X CR5000

Case Studies

California, Stolt Sea Farm: Caviar Aquaculture
In August 1996, Stolt Sea Farm ( installed a Campbell Scientific monitoring and control system more
Mississippi, Lee's Catfish Farm: DO Monitoring and Control
Successful aquaculture ultimately hinges on concentrations of dissolved oxygen. Measurement of DO is the more