27792 HydroSoft Software on CD


The 27792 provides HydroSoft Software on a CD. This software is used with the HydroSense II system.



Weight 18.14 g (0.04 lb)

Frequently Asked Questions

Number of FAQs related to 27792: 1

  1. As stated in the "Connecting via Bluetooth" subsection in the "Data Storage and Retrieval" section of the HS2 Instruction Manual: “The first time the HydroSense II unit is used with a new computer, the computer and HydroSense II must be ‘paired’ before a connection can be made. The pairing code is ‘1234.’” For more information, see the "Connect to a Device" subsection of the "Quickstart" section of the HydroSense II Support Software User Guide.

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