26817 Mounting Kit for CS506 or CS205 (holds 1 of each)


The 26817 is a stand for mounting the CS506/26601 fuel moisture probe and the CS205/107 fuel temperature probe. These probes are used to assess forest fire fuel and are often incorporated in our prewired or custom fire-weather stations.

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26817 mounting kit
26817 mounting kit
26817 mounting kit
26817 mounting kit with CS506, 26601, CS205, and 107<br />(all sold separately)

Detailed Description

The 26817 places the CS506/26601 and the CS205/107 probes twelve inches above the forest floor. Because the probes are mounted parallel to each other, shadowing is minimized. Cable ties are included for securing the cables to the side of the stake.


The 26817 is for mounting the CS506/26601 fuel moisture and CS205/107 fuel temperature sensors. It is not compatible with the retired CS505 Fuel Moisture Sensor; the 10974 Mounting Stake provides similar functionality for the CS505.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. For descriptions and illustrations (with part numbers) of the various instruments used in measuring fuel temperature and moisture, see the "Remote Measurements" brochure.

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