You can now perform most on-site communication tasks without a laptop

When visiting your field site, do you find it too cumbersome to use a laptop PC, but you need more power and capability than your keyboard/display can provide? Campbell Scientific can solve your dilemma using a Palm™ handheld. With our new PConnect software, you can perform almost any datalogger communication task—without a laptop.

PConnect is a straightforward program that is compatible with our CR510, CR10(X), 21X, CR23X, and CR7 dataloggers. On-site communication functions include:

  • Setting the datalogger’s clock
  • Transferring datalogger programs
  • Monitoring real-time measurements
  • Setting input locations, ports, and flags
  • Retrieving stored data
  • Emulating a datalogger’s keyboard / display

PConnect requires a Palm, Inc. or 100% compatible handheld running Palm OS Version 3.3 or later (Handspring’s Visors currently not supported) and a Palm serial cable or cradle.

PConnect comes with a custom connector and conduit software that integrates with the Palm HotSync utility to transfer data between the Palm and a PC. PConnect tracks each datalogger station separately, including custom labels that you’ve entered for monitoring measurements. PConnect stores data internally in Campbell Scientific’s compressed binary format to save memory. A 2 Mbyte Palm handheld is suitable for collecting data from a few standard dataloggers, but you will probably want an 8 Mbyte handheld if you work with numerous dataloggers or dataloggers with extended memory. The HotSync conduit process converts the binary format to the more common comma-separated format used by most software packages.

Once the data is stored in your PC, you will be able to use PC208W to review your data and create reports.

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