Campbell Scientific Ltd (our European affiliate), has established Campbell Scientific Spain following a decade of increased sales in that country. The new company has offices at Pasaje Font close to The Temple de Sagrada Familiar in Barcelona. Campbell Scientific Spain is headed by Jaume Pallares Bassets, whose experience and enthusiasm for Campbell products will help the new company grow quickly.

"In Spain, Campbell products have a very good reputation for high quality and reliability," reports Jaume, and early sales support this. Sales in the first month included a weather station destined for Antarctica and a major order for CR510 dataloggers. The CR510s will be used in wind prospecting projects by EHN, an organization that provides 30 percent of Spain's wind power capacity and almost 5 percent of the global capacity.

"The establishment of the new company in Spain is part of our continuing goal to provide excellent service to our customers," states Dick Saffell, Managing Director of Campbell Scientific Ltd. "The new company will provide sales and technical support to the large number of customers in Spain, and provide maintenance and calibration facilities for more than 500 weather stations now installed in that territory."

Campbell Scientific Spain joins Campbell Scientific France as an affiliate company within the European Community.

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