This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: LOGGERNET.
PC208 DOS Datalogger Support Software
Services Available
Repair No
Calibration No
Free Support No


This DOS-based software contained six IBM-compatible programs (PC208E, EDLOG, GraphTerm, TELCOM, SMCOM, and SPLIT). These programs provided computer support for data logger program development/editing, telecommunications, data transfer, real-time graphical data display, storage module communication, and data reduction/report generation.



System Requirements
  • IBM 286, 386, 486 and Pentium
  • DOS, version 3.3 or greater (5.0 or greater recommended)


PC requirements: IBM PC/XT/AT, 386SX, 386, or 486 or 100% compatibles, DOS version 2.1 or greater, 640K bytes of RAM, CGA, VGA, or Hercules graphics, and two disk drives. 

Some attempts were made by customers to use PC208 in Unix/Linux and MacIntosh platforms; consult an Applications Engineer for details.

Case Studies

Utah: Irrigation Network Monitoring
In an era when water is becoming a precious resource, the Emery Water Conservancy more

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