PC208W 3.0 Released
Version 3.0 of our general purpose datalogger support software began ship­ping in early December.  See the July issue of the CSI Update or check our WWW site for details on new features. We recommend upgrades for users who: collect data using schedules at midnight on Windows NT systems (fixed a bug related to NT), use phone modems inten­sively (added hardware flow control, etc.), want quick graphing of collected data (to check sensors in the field), or need data collection using command lines and desk­top shortcuts. Upgrades are $145 per license for any earlier Windows or DOS version of PC208W or PC208. 


This easy-to-use, no-cost software is available from
www.campbellsci.com/ pub/outgoing/files/pc200w10.exe.  Version 1.1, scheduled for release in early spring, will support the CR510 datalogger and include the new Viewer with graphing capability.  PC200W requires a direct communication link to the datalogger and is an excellent choice for beginning users or those who only need basic functionali­ty using standard CSI sensors. (Choose PC208W if you need scheduled data col­lection, telecommunications, or full-fea­tured datalogger program editing and data processing.)


RTDM is our graphical display soft­ware that lets you build forms to display data on strip charts, dials, and digital labels. It takes a few hours to learn the "object-oriented" style, but an excellent tutorial is available from the Help/Getting Started menu selection. RTDM will update its graphs automatically as new data is collected by PC208W and can even generate JPEG files for use on WWW sites. A new version is expected in late winter to fix some minor bugs and add a few new tools, such as a Wind Meter.  This update is free until May 31, 1999 (contact support@campbellsci.com to request your upgrade and be prepared to send in your original diskettes).

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