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Meet the CR510, Campbell Scientific’s newest datalogger. The CR510 retains the hardware configuration of the CR500:

  • Four single-ended analog input channels
  • Two pulse counters
  • Two switched excitation channels
  • One digital control port

and adds some popular features of the CR10X:

  • Standard non-volatile data storage 128 K (62,000 data points)
  • 1 M and 2 M optional (500,000 and 1 million data points)
  • Final Storage Areas 1 and 2
  • Battery-backed clock
  • P69 Wind Vector Instruction
  • P98 Send Character Instruction

The CR510’s design allows seamless integration into existing Campbell datalogger networks. Telecommunication options include: cellular, standard, and voice-synthesized phone modems; satellite transmitters; radios; short-haul modems; and multidrop modems. Modbus, ALERT and Table Data operating systems are available for the CR510.

Programming the CR510 is supported by Short Cut version 1.2 and PC208W software version 3.0 or greater.

The CR510 is intended for applications where fewer input channels are required:

  • Stage recording
  • Precipitation monitoring
  • Water level in irrigation systems
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Air temperature and relative humidity monitoring
  • Minimum data sets for disease forecasting models

You’ll still need a CR10X or CR23X for thermocouple measurements, or for using multiplexers or SDM peripherals.

For more information contact one of our applications engineers or see our product literature, Web site, or price lists.

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